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March 29th, 2016 | by Sabrina Santi



Lisa and Leo

In 1482, when Leonardo Da Vinci was 30 years old, he was sent by the Medicis as a human peace offering to the Duke of Milan. So impressed was the Duke with Da Vinci’s genius that he gifted him a beautiful Milanese vineyard, over a hectare in size.
Fast-forward to 1503, when the artist met and painted the young Florentine noblewoman Lisa Gherardini, producing the Mona Lisa—arguably the world’s most famous portrait.
Lisa was in her mid-twenties, Da Vinci in his early fifties. What did artist and sitter talk about? Perhaps the fact that both were vineyard owners. After all, Lisa’s family had owned the famed Chianti estate, Villa Vignamaggio, for centuries.
These days, Lisa’s vineyards are open to public viewing. And now, thanks to EXPO 2015, Leonardo’s vineyards have been restored and opened as well.
The vineyards of history’s greatest artist and his subject, on one historic trip.
Let Italy & Golf take you there.


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December 14th, 2015 | by Tabita Miotto

Rome to host 2022 Ryder Cup

The Italian capital city of Rome will host The Ryder Cup for the first time in 2022. The historic announcement, made today by Ryder Cup Europe, will see golf’s greatest team event staged on the Continent of Europe for the third time.

The Marco Simone Golf and Country Club, only 17km from the centre of Rome, will follow in the footsteps of Club de Golf Valderrama in Spain (1997) and Le Golf National in France (2018) - when the 44th edition of the match between Europe and the United States is staged in the autumn of 2022.

Richard Hills said: “The plans outlined for the golf course at Marco Simone are spectacular alongside the commitment to develop all levels of golf in Italy, and we look forward very much to working with the Italian 2022 Ryder Cup team over the coming years.”


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The great Gondola race

March 16th, 2015 | Venice | by Tabita Miotto

Row in the Grand Canal | Golf in Venice
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The great Gondola race

Venice as it was meant to be seen

The gondoliers of Venice are world-famous. But what happens when they get the urge to race? Why, the Vogalonga

Each May, the finest polers, rowers—and even dragon-boaters!—of Venice gather for a 30 km sprint up the Grand Canal and to the Lagoon and back. On regatta-day, motorboats are forbidden in the city, so visitors can see Venice as it was meant to be seen: by human-powered watercraft.

Come join us for this special weekend, when the Venetians’ pay tribute to their watery city. Well even throw in a round at Golf Venezia, the world’s only gondola-accessible course!

What is Vogalonga? It's non competitive rowing regatta, 18 mi long, starting in front of the Doge’s Palace (oar up to St. Mark!), row up along the Grand Canal and to the lagoon north islands and back.
Venice GC: 18 holes, par 72 course, 6039 metres from normal standards and 6199 from championship tees. It was built in 1928 in a spectacular strip of land between the Adriatic Sea and the Lagoon of Venice.

Milano hosts EXPO 2015 and PGA Italian Golf Open

February 24th, 2015 | Milano | by Tabita Miotto

Milano hosts EXPO 2015 and PGA Italian Golf Open
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The meeting of minds

Culture, life, energy, food and golf

It was in Milano, e non Firenze, where Leonardo Da Vinci first sketched his famous flying machines—including drafts of a helicopter450 years before it was invented!

Today, the city continues to celebrate great idea and great thinkers. Home to EXPO 2015, Milano will host a whole new generation of Da Vincis, all asking the pressing question: How to feed the planet without disrupting its fragile ecological balance?
Culture, life, energy, food—all this and more will be explored at EXPO, from May to October, in Italy’s brainiest city.
We'll get you to the heart of the debate with our exclusive EXPO creative trip, which includes a Cirque du Soleil performance and 18-holes at Milano Golf Club, home of the 2015 Italian Open.
From your friends at Italy & Golf.