Seeing Orange | Historical Carnival

 Turin | Monday 2nd February 2015 | by Sabrina Santi 


In the small Piemontese town of Ivrea, a battle is staged each Carnevale. Horse-drawn carts of armoured soldiers, and crowds of “revolutionaries,” duke it out in the streets and piazze with… oranges. 

This peculiar, pulpy tradition is said to have originated during the Napoleonic wars, when the townspeople stormed the stronghold of a tyrant-general accused of raping a local woman. The event came to symbolize freedom for the "Ivreani" (though why oranges are used is a bit of a mystery).

Carnevale is celebrated all over Italy, with the most colourful pageants and parades in the Piemonte. So come join us for a magical Carnevale getaway in the region’s capital, Torino, a short drive from the village where the streets are paved with pulp.  

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