Anna Marzarotto 

After years spent globe-trotting (her family wondering if she’d ever return) Anna has finally settled in Bassano Del Grappa. We could hardly be happier, or imagine a more dynamic addition to our permanent team. Part leader, part dreamer, part radiant socializer, Anna’s good financial sense—and her chops as a skilled ski teacher—will help Italy & Golf over even the bumpiest business terrain.



Sabrina Santi

Sabrina has been travelling to far-flung, exotic places from an early age—and telling stories about these places all the while. The age-old craft of story-telling is in her blood, passed down from her father, grandfather and great-grandfather, and honed over the decades to the level of high art. So sit back and relax as this intrepid raconteur spins her wondrous tales. Need an inspiring travel idea? Sabrina is the perfect person to whip up something magical.


Tabita Miotto

A firecracker, with years of experience in elite tourism, this quick-witted Italian is bursting with creativity, and always up for a thrill. A detail person, she also knows better than anyone how to care for her clients. And nothing makes you smile quite like Tabita’s exuberant “Buongiorno!” in the morning. Who needs caffè when you’ve got Tabita!


Simona Santi

Simona’s seriousness has an important function—making sure everything at Italy and Golf operates the way it should. But don’t let this grumbling queen of the books fool you. Under that crusty exterior beats of heart of gold. Doling out Aspirins when her co-workers aren’t feeling well. Making runs to the gelateria when the weather is scorching. Tactfully leaving espressos beside laptops when even the indomitable Tabita needs an afternoon pick-me-up. The mother-hen of Italy and Golf, Simona not only keeps the business running smoothly, but the people too.


Andrea Crestani

It’s hard to bring any more youth and energy to Italy & Golf, but Andrea manages to. Still in her early 20s, she’s the newest and youngest member of our team, on loan to us from the University of Verona, where she studies Tourism. We love having Andrea around, not least of all because every time we compliment her, her cheeks turn cherry red—modesty being one of her many fine qualities. Her others include: a quick mind, determination, and the sweetest demeanor you can imagine. But don’t be fooled by her innocent looks! Beneath that baby lamb exterior lurks a lioness.


Xuemei Zhu

"First and foremost, a positive attitude.” Words to live by—and Xuemei does. Mother of two, and married to a bello Italian husband, Xumei has completely embraced la vita Italiana. Since 2002, she has been teaching Chinese at the University of Venice, and when she approached us about getting involved with Italy & Golf, we were thrilled. What do we love most about Xuemei? Her intuition with people, her genuine empathy, and her refusal to be anyone but herself.